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4,000 Dead Soldier Mark in Iraq – WTF IS WRONG WITH US?

Posted in Uncategorized by the consummate on March 25, 2008

The 4,000 Dead Soldier in Iraq Mark really hit home for me. I am pretty outraged by the lack of media coverage, particularly by larger media outlets. I am floored.

In class a couple of weeks ago we watched Robert Boyd’s Xanadu. It really moved me. I grew up in Southern California punk rock subculture, with bands like X, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys and its confrontational, uncomfortable and ironic imagery were staples from a very early age.

Xanadu was like a death, destruction, mass murder, war, fascism and the very deepest ages in the human experience all wrapped up in a gay discotek. It was really forceful and successful as you tapped your feet to the innocent being slaughtered.

With all of the technology and means of communication, don’t you think people couldn’t come up with more ways to view the reality of what is going on in the globe today? Shouldn’t we, as media makers, produce work that is meaningful, especially when it comes to news and politics?

The 4,000 dead soldier mark should be a way to speak out against a not only unpopular war (500 million people globally protested the Iraqi Invasion) but our leaders just do not give a fuck because people are completely numb to the images they see. Like why aren’t we telling Cheney to go fuck himself more often

2 channel video

Posted in Uncategorized by the consummate on March 10, 2008

I filmed my Iranian friend Roudabeh on the subway platform. I wanted to convey the experience of what it’s like to be a woman alone using mass transit along with being a woman of color within the system itself. I used The Cure’s Subway Song as a “muse” and inspiration.

I used b roll from the train, I asked Roudabeh to look a little nervous and panicked. Using 2 channels, I interchanged the footage, used sounds from the station as well as the sound I recorded from Roudabeh’s foot steps, her breathing, her cell phone, etc.

It was fairly well received. However, it wasn’t as unnerving as I wanted it to be. The song, although it is about the experience, was not received well.

I found this video for Subway Song on Youtube. Very successful.

Political Fashion – CUT by Liberty Ross

Posted in Uncategorized by the consummate on March 9, 2008

Fashion is a world of fantasy brought to life. Can the world of fashion be political and the political be fashion? Well, of course, if properly executed.

CUT, a short film with not so subtle commentary on the diamond industry, successfully takes political fashion to another level. In the film, model Liberty Ross sits reclined and alone in black lingerie, dramatic hair and makeup with her crossed legs draped in thigh high stockings.

Her outfit, accessorized with fur and diamonds, becomes a symbol of what goes on before you wear it. At first, one may mistake the scene for an ad for a high end fashion brand. However, as an eerie sound increases her diamonds begin to weep blood.

A pretty well done concept and the sound design just adds to the element.

See the video by clicking HERE.


Vito Acconci + Laura Parnes

Posted in art, artists, experimental video, film by the consummate on March 5, 2008

Vito Acconci. Fucking brilliant. Fucking over rated. I didn’t fucking think of it. I dig it.
Some of Vito’s work:

We’re gearing up to do a two channel piece. The class met at Participant Gallery on Houston. This place was pretty awesome. I loved most of the work. Laura Parnes, our instructor, had a 2 channel piece. One channel was footage of a family relaxing on rolling hills in the country, the other channel featured footage from animals in the wild hunting and being hunted. Personally, I’m interested in the human experience being so far from its nature. We are so out of tune from everything. I felt like this piece was commenting on that.

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