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Posted in art, artists, experimental video, film by the consummate on May 3, 2008

Lauren Matic agreed to participate in my final project. She gave me clips and clips and clips from her visits to Afghanistan and Darfur. Reviewing them for footage wasn’t the easiest thing to do. At one point I just had to detach myself from them completely.

I wrote the script to Stylephile with a little shame. I don’t have a tv but drew from the “style” shows I’ve seen in the past. Most recently of the grammy awards while dining with a friend who recently developed a human rights video game. We were floored at the content of the show at the time. And like a car accident, couldn’t bring ourselves from staring. I used this experience as inspiration along with the downtown ny culture or lack there of that I am all too familiar with.

The shoot was like Murphy’s Law. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The location had to be changed, to my apartment. The make up artist flaked out (who was written in to the script). The back drop wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. My cameraman was hungover. I was soooo tired from not sleeping because of the anxiety.

Nevertheless, we pulled it off. 6 hours of shooting was exhausting. The sound quality isn’t ideal and unfortunately, I don’t know pro tools (note to self to learn this). I am obsessed with getting better at visual composure. I wasn’t behind the camera this time but set up the frame which looked pretty good. Lauren, being a consummate professional, looked and acted amazingly. I put on my best BS face and hell, we were good to go.

The editing process was lengthy and the final version was about 8 minutes long. Thankfully I ran into Traci from class who suggested pulling much of the content for consistency and timing. Here is the final project.

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