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Basking In the Light

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Rise Above the Dualities

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“The real Yoga is when you rise above the good and bad. From that level, you see that both are necessary; then, you can never call a thing evil, because it’s only a shadow. As long as we feel that something is good, we must always also accept something bad, until neutrality comes. These dualities are always there. There are always both sides, positive and negative, light and shade. The good and the absence of good are permitted, just as you say it’s day and it’s night. What is it that becomes the night? Temporarily, the sun is away or hidden, so you call the absence of daylight “night.” The night is not always there; it is always the day. The light is there always, only, temporarily, it gets hidden.”

– Swami Satchidananda

Fish Paste

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Be Ready to Serve

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“Suppose you tell someone, ‘I’m ready to serve you.’ If the person don’t use your service, or take your advice, you get upset. Suppose you write a book that you want people to read it. If they are not ready to read it, you get upset. Why? What’s your intention then? You may want everyone to read the book, but when someone is ready, he or she will. So, if you have advice and knowledge, don’t simply thrust it onto the wrong people. All you can do is say, ‘Here it is. This is my advice. If you like it, if you can understand it, take it.’ Otherwise, you are not only not helping them, but you are also not helping yourself. So, maintain your peace. Maintain your peace, and be ready to serve.”

– Swami Satchidananda