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Egy Pillanat

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The Vaginal Speculum

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Lady Don’t Tek No – Latryx

After months of putting it off, I finally went to the gynecologist today. I must say that I’ve certainly had plenty of strange experiences in my life – but not particularly when it comes to the gyno. Sure, I’ve been a starving creative in New York and spent some time at the Margaret Sanger Center at Planned Parenthood on Bleecker Street. There you found women like me, too poor to attain health insurance but not poor enough to be considered poor. Does this strike you to be familiar Americans?

Nevertheless, I hold dual citizenship in the US & in Hungary. Clever me, believed I could obtain free medical care while in Hungary, one of the reasons I scheduled an appointment to see the doctor here. In Eastern Europe. Yes. I am crazy. (more…)

Whatever Happened, I Apologize

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Hey Baby, It’s the Fourth of July

Fourth of July (demo) – X