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Papa large here.
Living the life of a toothless* senior with Woody Allen anxiety issues. ARI.

He’s mellowed out lately, a few mornings a week he travels on his designated “travel mat” in the front seat of my car through the hills of Elysian Park for 5 minutes. We arrive at work where he is greeted, scooped up and loved by my entire office. He visits the bookkeeper “Auntie Debbie” (how she refers to herself) for breakfast (he’s given up eating at home in the mornings because of this).

Ari, hard at work, sitting on Stephanie’s lap.

He has options on where to lay his head – he can sleep on the couch in my office or on many numerous laps; he has an option to nestle in his “work bed”, in front of a space heater, next to my colleague (whom he loves).  He says howdy to the designers in their office, stops into the head of HR and goes in the “man cave” where the old boys club says “HI ARI”. My interns fawn over him and when there are shredded chicken or carne asada tacos being consumed, he’s underneath that person immediately.

Ari with Tina for an afternoon cuddle.

I teach yoga to my colleagues a couple of times a month and Ari is present, demonstrating downward facing dog and pranayama breathing techniques.

He has a girlfriend. And they’ve consummated the relationship. In front of me. She’s a lot younger, about 3 years old and very cute. I’m proud of my little man for locking that one down.

It’s not all shits and giggles…

This is Iggy.

He’s a rescue from the mean streets of Echo Park. Iggy came to me as a shared rescue between my wonderful co-worker and I  (a tag team duo of water sign punk rock women). I took him home and headed straight for the bathtub. A bed was made out of a shoe box, cushion and a towel (Hungarian ingenuity). Iggy slept in this shoe box all night with only a little bit of crying early in the morning. I was SO PROUD of that little puppy’s behavior and he quickly found a home within the same neighborhood thanks to Ladies Lotto. Sorta wished I would have kept in, but there’s more doggies to be rescued!

Iggy + I his first moments after the rescue.

Ari, however, did not appreciate the little pup. Ari prefers his friends older and gentler. While the puppy was sweeter than a scoop of ice cream, he was just that, a puppy. Chewing, biting, hopping, romping, rolling, peeing, pooping. Ari, a distinguished, mature, gentleman, wanted to be left alone.

Sadly, Iggy’s brother came to us too late. He was already succumbing to the PARVO virus and was euthanized the day he came to us. My colleague, although being a vet tech in her past life,  cried her pretty blue eyes out. Iggy’s brother was so soft & gentle. I wish he could have had a fighting chance.

Iggy did leave us with a nice present – FLEAS. Ari has been annoyed but after some bathing cycles, he seems to be doing just fine.

NERD ALERT – just wrote an entire blog posting dedicated to SOME of my dog’s ventures…

*Ari has NO TEETH and subsequently has a difficult time keeping his tongue in his mouth as demonstrated by this picture:

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  1. Bailey Mikell said, on December 13, 2011 at 02:07

    Hahah ok, I love this. They are soo cute. I would write a post about my dogs too, don’t worry haha. xoxo

  2. RiverUnderWater said, on December 13, 2011 at 02:33

    so cute!

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