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Signs of Drowning

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Look for these other signs of drowning when persons are in the water:

  • Head low in the water, mouth at water level
  • Head tilted back with mouth open
  • Eyes glassy and empty, unable to focus
  • Eyes closed
  • Hair over forehead or eyes
  • Not using legs – Vertical
  • Hyperventilating or gasping
  • Trying to swim in a particular direction but not making headway
  • Trying to roll over on the back
  • Appear to be climbing an invisible ladder.

New Discoveries

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Camus Quote

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Camus and his existential thought patterns. His simplistic language has always captured me. I first read L’Étranger when I was about 14 years old, Robert Smith was my dream lover and The Cure’s KILLING AN ARAB inspired me to pick up the book. As an impressionable teen I felt akin to the narrator, Meursault’s, dilemma – not being able to fit in to the contradictory and oppressive rules of society. The outsider looking in – that is me. Things could be ever so simple if I agreed to follow the rules but alas, my wild heart cannot be tamed. The personal musings of my blog reflect my emotional and mental state at moments, but what I’d like to remind you readers is that however I am feeling, know, that I am stronger than I lead on to be and that I have begun to love myself more than my tendency to punish myself.

C’est Cauchemar

I have dreams with a recurring theme – they are all about me + you. I wish they would stop and we could talk. So get out of my dreams and into my car. Oh wait, I don’t have a car but you understand what I mean right?

Ikon Allah

If G-d wills it…

Is it possible that I am becoming more religious in a sense? My recent trip to Israel left me more proud of my heritage + culture but also with a profound sense of faith. I spent much time in Jaffa where there is a beautiful blend of Jews + Muslims living harmoniously with one another. One day, I found myself sitting on the rocks above waves crashing on the beach with strangers at 4 in the morning. We looked up at the stars and thanked G-d for the beauty we were experiencing. At that moment the Iman began his calls for prayers at the mosque. To hear this sound before dawn was eerie and other worldly. I felt as if I was having an out of body experience. The sound wasn’t unfamiliar, I’ve heard it before but I’ve changed.  As the vocalist Abdullahi sings “Ikon Allah” – Will of G-d, I too sing this tune. If certain things in my life are meant to be, it is the will of G-d and I leave it up to the higher powers that be. I know what I want but if it it is the will of G-d, it will come to be.


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And Lightning Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice

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No Pain, No Gain

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I’m Just Saying

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Image by Ryan McGinley

2 August

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You Can Enjoy The Same

For one month live a totally surrendered life. Try that life for a while. For a sample week, or a sample month. Just say, “Let God take care of me. And let me do my duty. whatever God has given me to do, let me fulfil it.” That means wherever you are, God has placed you there. He has given you some job, you are doing it. I don’t say that you should not have ambition. Have the biggest ambition. What is the biggest ambition? To maintain your peace. Yes. Let that be your ambition. “I have to maintain my peace at all costs. I am ready to give up anything and everything for the sake of peace.” That’s your biggest goal. And that’s what you call God. Peace is your God. “For the sake of God, I am ready to renounce everything.” That means God and Peace are one and the same. God and Happiness are one and the same.

Iam simply telling you what I have been doing all these years. By following this truth, I am living a worry less life. There’s nobody or nothing that can rob me of my peace and happiness. If you have a bigger goal, all right, go ahead and try it. But if you think this is your goal, then try it; I am sure you will enjoy that peace.

If you think that I am really happy and peaceful, there is no need to envy me. You can enjoy the same. It’s not anybody’s monopoly. Every one of you can enjoy this. God is our Father. He has not given nice things only to one person or two persons and not the other people. He has given this wealth to all equally. It’s everybody’s property. If we don’t enjoy it, it’s not His fault.

– Swami Satchidananda


Classic Text Book Case

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You Are Spirit

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“Your true personality is happiness; it is peace and love. The minute you forget that, you start to look for these things to come from outside. Unfortunately that has happened even from the very beginning. When God made Adam, He told him, “Adam, I have created you in My own image. That means you are Me; I am you. There is no difference at all. Have you ever seen Me unhappy? No. In the same way, you are never unhappy. You are happiness personified. Have you ever seen Me hungry, thirsty? No. In the same way, you are never hungry or thirsty because you are spirit. Hunger and thirst are physical phenomena; the body has that experience. You are not the body. You are not even the mind. You are the spirit. You are happiness, and you can always retain your happiness if you don’t forget that.

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi” – Swami Satchidananda

Where Eagles Dare

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Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover) – David Pajo

End Off Shore Drilling NOW

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BP should not only be “pressured” over this recent oil spill, legal charges should be brought against the company on behalf of the women, men, children and sea life effected. Say a prayer for the sea life and the countless number of families who rely upon the gulf for livelihood. If this oil spill is not contained and spreads to Florida, we’ll see a wipe out of sea life there – including turtles, manatees, dolphins and other important creatures.

If you find yourself near the gulf with some time, I urge you to volunteer. More info here.

To give you an idea of statistics, like the fact that more than 70% of the country’s birds frequent the gulf, click here.

Let’s Live in Love

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My new tattoo:


If I Fall Back Down

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If I Fall Back Down – Rancid (acoustic version)

I’m Not Angry Anymore.

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I’m just wondering why we can’t be friends? I’m ok with it. Nothing more, nothing less. Hope you can find it in your heart to try it.


It suits us better anyway…

Buy Me a Drink.

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The economy sucks. For those of us who have been effected (the majority unless you live under a rock), there’s a silver lining. Chivalry!! recently posted “Top 10 NY Places Where a Dude Will Buy You a Drink,” you know, where ladies like us can get some wallet relief. Surely, working your magic isn’t limited to these 10 spots, you can score a drink anywhere. Ain’t no shame…

Bathing Suits

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St. Martin/Maarten

St. Martin/Maarten

Deans Ledge, Vermont

Dean's Ledge, Vermont

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

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I love Mike Giant.

Should have taken up the opportunity to go to New Mexico and get a tattoo.

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A New Career in Photography?

Posted in Uncategorized by the consummate on November 19, 2008 published a photo I took while evacuating a friend in Santa Barbara last week. Funny how they beat me to the punch. Been so busy I haven’t had the chance to write about my experience.

More on the fires later. Please enjoy’s coverage in the mean time. The link is above.

Making Use of Omer Fast

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Met my friend from LA at the Whitney to check out the Biennale. Specifically went to see Omer Fast’s piece per Laura’s suggestion for my final project. It was amazing! He had a 4-channel installation with 2 channels back to back. One side’s 2 channels had 2 different interviews playing, the other side consisted of images that seemed to be portraying the various scenarios from the interviews (which served as narration). I loved re-reading the images which became apparent when walking to the other side.

Howard the Duck

I found Howard on the subway platform just after the bienale, before dining for LS’s birthday. I made some short videos along with friends on the train…

4,000 Dead Soldier Mark in Iraq – WTF IS WRONG WITH US?

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The 4,000 Dead Soldier in Iraq Mark really hit home for me. I am pretty outraged by the lack of media coverage, particularly by larger media outlets. I am floored.

In class a couple of weeks ago we watched Robert Boyd’s Xanadu. It really moved me. I grew up in Southern California punk rock subculture, with bands like X, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys and its confrontational, uncomfortable and ironic imagery were staples from a very early age.

Xanadu was like a death, destruction, mass murder, war, fascism and the very deepest ages in the human experience all wrapped up in a gay discotek. It was really forceful and successful as you tapped your feet to the innocent being slaughtered.

With all of the technology and means of communication, don’t you think people couldn’t come up with more ways to view the reality of what is going on in the globe today? Shouldn’t we, as media makers, produce work that is meaningful, especially when it comes to news and politics?

The 4,000 dead soldier mark should be a way to speak out against a not only unpopular war (500 million people globally protested the Iraqi Invasion) but our leaders just do not give a fuck because people are completely numb to the images they see. Like why aren’t we telling Cheney to go fuck himself more often

2 channel video

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I filmed my Iranian friend Roudabeh on the subway platform. I wanted to convey the experience of what it’s like to be a woman alone using mass transit along with being a woman of color within the system itself. I used The Cure’s Subway Song as a “muse” and inspiration.

I used b roll from the train, I asked Roudabeh to look a little nervous and panicked. Using 2 channels, I interchanged the footage, used sounds from the station as well as the sound I recorded from Roudabeh’s foot steps, her breathing, her cell phone, etc.

It was fairly well received. However, it wasn’t as unnerving as I wanted it to be. The song, although it is about the experience, was not received well.

I found this video for Subway Song on Youtube. Very successful.

Political Fashion – CUT by Liberty Ross

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Fashion is a world of fantasy brought to life. Can the world of fashion be political and the political be fashion? Well, of course, if properly executed.

CUT, a short film with not so subtle commentary on the diamond industry, successfully takes political fashion to another level. In the film, model Liberty Ross sits reclined and alone in black lingerie, dramatic hair and makeup with her crossed legs draped in thigh high stockings.

Her outfit, accessorized with fur and diamonds, becomes a symbol of what goes on before you wear it. At first, one may mistake the scene for an ad for a high end fashion brand. However, as an eerie sound increases her diamonds begin to weep blood.

A pretty well done concept and the sound design just adds to the element.

See the video by clicking HERE.