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Birthday Wishes

Posted in art, health, life, relationships by the consummate on June 12, 2009

Hey sorry I didn’t call or email or text or skype or AIM or twitter with birthday wishes. I did send a message out to the universe – one with love and birthday blessings. Nevertheless, don’t take me not contacting you directly as a sign of not caring. It’s just rather hard to contact someone after they scream obscenities and abuses in between asking demanding that I get out of your life because you can’t handle being my friend. 

Anywho, I hope your 38th birthday was momentous regardless of my presence. For the record I was going to send you a nice goodie bag with:


Oh and you know, I’m all about self-improvement. So this one was definitely one I think you should have (maybe you can buy this for yourself):


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I’m just wondering why we can’t be friends? I’m ok with it. Nothing more, nothing less. Hope you can find it in your heart to try it.


It suits us better anyway…