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The Heart Will Win

“The heart should play an important role, not only in married life, but in all of our relationships: with friends, relatives, business associates, and even strangers. Even if the other person uses the head, you should use more heart. Remember, ultimately the heart will win; it might take time but it will win. If you really want to use your heart, you will be guided in that direction. God’s guidance will be there. Pray more and trust in that higher force.

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi”

– Swami Satchidananda

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Intern Duties

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My intern, in her tiger costume, dutifully walked my dog, in his devil costume, on Halloween. I was too busy at work being a dead revolutionary to walk him but not busy enough to take the picture and discover this was my intern’s first dog walking experience, ever. Glad I could contribute to a first.




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Protesting LA’s moratorium on legal mural scapes. WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES + WELCOME TO YOUR NEW JOB!! 🙂




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Hello New Life

Hello – Martin Solveig & Dragonette


Whatever Happened, I Apologize

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Hey Baby, It’s the Fourth of July

Fourth of July (demo) – X

Just Remember, America’s Right Behind You

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*one of my favorite songs, EVER. my friend scott has this record and we once listened to it over and over again at his old place in Silverlake.

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Wasted – Black Flag

I was so wasted
I was a hippie
I was a burnout
I was a dropout I was out of my head
I was a surfer
I had a skateboard
I was so heavy man, I lived on the strand
I was so wasted
I was so fucked up
I was so messed up
I was so screwed up I was out of my head
I was so jacked up
I was so drunk up
I was so knocked out, I was out of my head
I was so wasted
I was wasted.


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Parra Ti

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“Is that a Gun My Friend?” New Works by Parra. The opening party is Saturday, April 4 and the exhibit runs through May 9. HVW8 Art + Design Gallery is located at 661 N. Spaulding Ave., Los Angeles CA, 90036; open Tuesday to Sunday, 1 – 6 pm or by appointment. Parra will be creating new original works exclusive to the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery.

Parra’s characteristic style has also extended into his music career with electro-rock group LeLe. Their most popular track “Breakfast” features Parra’s typography and imagery set in motion to the song’s pulsating beats and comical (and slightly naughty) lyrics. Feel free to check it out here:

RSVP to parra_rsvp(at)