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Bob / Carousel

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Don’t get all stanky but I found this tape in the garage with this on side 1:

NOFX - White trash, two heebs and a bean - Front


And to make matters worse, this album was on side 2:

Carousel – Blink 182


Angel Baby

Posted in life, music, neighborhood by the consummate on August 14, 2009

Not sure if my readers understand how serious I am about golden oldies aka “old-timey” music (in particular “lowrider oldies”). It’s a major passion. Catch me at the Make Out Room in SF on a Tuesday night in sheer ANANDA (bliss). Nevertheless, Angel Baby by Rosie & The Originals is a classic tune we all know and love.

It’s cultural influence is still thriving, hence the contents of this post.

Picture 8

My homegirl from Ladies Lotto, Naomi Robbins (pictured below), puts out a mean podcast on Lost In Paradise. Her pseudonym, Angel Baby. She is on fire and consistently pulling out all the stops, her collection & continuous DITC cannot be topped.

❤ Naomi. Such a nice Jewish girl. ❤

In 1961 the movie Angel Baby was released starring Salome Jens (pictured below). Please note I have yet to see this film but by the looks of this image, it’s next on my non-existent net flix cue. Since I’m in LA right now, it’ll have to be Rocket Video or Vidiots.

Here’s a photo of LA’s “sick ass Angel Baby” – she is standing in front of her portrait by Estevan Oriol. By the looks of it, she & I could become really good friends.

For those of you familiar with the Inland Empire, you may know the radio station 99.1 FM. Angel “Baby” Rodriguez, a long time host & East Los Angeles native, kicks his old skool show every Sunday. You can listen to it live via the internetz!

And of course,  this post-modern reverence session would not be complete without the following video.

Peace out Angel Baby.