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It’s Time To Come Clean

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Homeboy I’m through.

Learn from the past, proceed, get better.

Never Will Be Mine – Rye Rye ft Robyn


Camus Quote

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Camus and his existential thought patterns. His simplistic language has always captured me. I first read L’√Čtranger when I was about 14 years old, Robert Smith was my dream lover and The Cure’s KILLING AN ARAB inspired me to pick up the book. As an impressionable teen I felt akin to the narrator, Meursault’s, dilemma – not being able to fit in to the contradictory and oppressive rules of society. The outsider looking in – that is me. Things could be ever so simple if I agreed to follow the rules but alas, my wild heart cannot be tamed. The personal musings of my blog reflect my emotional and mental state at moments, but what I’d like to remind you readers is that however I am feeling, know, that I am stronger than I lead on to be and that I have begun to love myself more than my tendency to punish myself.