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You Don’t Know Me, You’re Dead Wrong

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Nice found footage, I’m a sucker for Doo Wop gangs and vintage cityscapes (albeit ever so brief in this video).


Posted in health, life, photography by the consummate on October 4, 2009

I love this photograph. Thank you whoever you are for taking this.

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Call Me.

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Hotel, Motel

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Photos courtesy of the illustrious Greg Manis

Sitting in the Waiting Room

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Lonestar (Austin ’08)

Posted in life, Party, relationships by the consummate on August 10, 2009

IMG_1734IMG_1735IMG_1745IMG_1753IMG_1767IMG_1763IMG_1765Soon after the last photo was taken, we had no recollection on what had transpired for the rest of the evening. Warning: when someone sends you to Baby Acapulco (ahem Mr. Autrand!) to drink the purple margarita (with everclear) never EVER convince the waiter to serve you “just one more” upon lapping up the 2 maximum limit. Cheers!


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IMG_1554IMG_1559IMG_1561IMG_1569IMG_1562IMG_1577Within 5 miles of my folks’ place, this gem is an antique force to be reckoned with.